So recently I have read the GAPS book or Gut and Psychology book see here by Dr Natasha McBride, which I thoroughly recommend. I have just ordered the body ecology diet book by Donna Gates see here to read but spending some time on the body ecology website I see they think along similar lines… That autism begins in the gut.

To sum up without all the science and data that you should definitely purchase both books to read and clarify, another book which follows this theme is Brain maker by David Pearlmutter see here which I also recently read and recommend, I feel I perhaps should have read his first book Grain Brain to really appreciate the Brain Maker book so I intend to go back and do that when I finish the Body Ecology one.

A mother starts out these days in pregnancy without optimal gut health having had a fairly processed diet, candida or yeast issues, antibiotic use etc, this poor gut flora is then what the baby is seeded with at birth see here regarding seeding your baby’s microbiome, so not a brilliant start, better or worse depending how many generations prior to mum had good gut flora. For example if Great granny had excellent gut flora and passed that onto granny, who’s was a bit poorer, then to mum who’s was even poorer, the baby is still going to have a better start than someone who’s great granny had poor gut flora, perhaps due to having a large amount of antibiotics, or not being able to eat brilliantly due to war or poverty. So we don’t all start out equal in terms of our microbiome Wikipedia definition

The baby is then exposed to various but often unavoidable things that can potentially further damage the gut flora – medicines such as antibiotics, vaccines, gluten and casein containing foods. (This isn’t saying vaccines or antibiotics are bad! My personal opinion is they save lives.  Just that they don’t help an already unhealthy gut)  along with pollution pollution also affects our microbiome adversely, there are studies which link autism and air pollution, living next to a freeway is scientifically proven to raise risk of autism Autism and freeways study It seems reasonable to me that mothers are having their gut flora affected by pollution and this is the link with it causing autism and whatever else you can think of…

Even vinyl flooring is linked to autism phlathlates in vinyl flooring and I’m going to go out on a limb and hypothesise that BpA and Flame retardents, microbiome and evironmental exposures and heck while I’m at it let’s throw in they glysophate that they spray on non organic produce these days are not doing our guts any good. All of this has been linked in some way to autism in the media recently. It suggests there’s a hormonal element in the links I’ve used. I’m really going to have to come back to this part but for now will leave you with a link on this bit to another blog that I intend to spend some time reading endocrinology and autism

and in some children this tips them into a leaky gut situation where the food that should be strengthening them actually becomes like a poisonous drug… parasites and candida Candida and mental health  flourish and the child withdraws into autism

When gut flora is given huge amounts of support to become healthy again and the gut lining is healed over time using a healing probiotic diet, the child can recover and begin learning again.

I find diet intervention very interesting because the now retracted and controversial paper by Andrew Wakefield See here said they found vaccine strain measles virus in the guts of autistic children. The MMR has long been apparently proven not to be causing autism according to studies since, and yet the anecdotal regression of children into autism around the time of the MMR still abounds. Parents have not stopped blaming it even if science has. Could it be that simply some children happened to have guts in such poor health that the MMR was the final trigger into autism? It would explain why the MMR scientifically is proven NOT to cause autism, because its the poor gut health not the vaccine that actually causes it. But a leaking unhealthy gut would explain vaccine measles virus being able to thrive in these kids intestines.

Another component is that if the body isn’t receiving nutrients vital for methylation and detoxifying due to poor gut health then things like aluminum and thimerosol can be held onto in the body. I have also just finished reading Dr Amy Yasko’s book Nutrigenomics Amy Yasko methylation cycle, again worth a read. wikepedia explanation of nutrigenomics I believe that we are now supplementing more or less worldwide with folic acid in pregnancy, which is usually very beneficial and has been shown to reduce the risk of autism Folic acid reduces autism risk however there are some mothers with a MTFHR gene who don’t process folic acid how they should, and should actually be taking folinic acid folate in autism. Is it possible that this is affecting gut health adversely further?

There’s a lot of talk of   Heavy metal poisoning with autism and parents engage in chelation after learning their kids score off the chart for aluminum for instance. Unless you’ve been under a rock you probably remember Hannah Poling who has a mitochondrial disorder and regressed into autism, I believe they won in court that her vaccines caused her autism. Mitochondrial dysfunction and ASD People often blame the vaccine adjuvants and preservatives. For the record theres no thimerosol used in vaccines anymore in the UK/US in childhood jabs, however more interestingly – there was never any in the MMR in the first place, or aluminum either. It doesn’t need them being a live vaccine. Could it simply be that poor gut = poor detox = poor vaccine response = eventual poisoning and regression

I shall come back and update later with links as I am also now wondering on the gluthiathone depletion and calpol connection Calpol or Tylenol around vaccines and ASD. I have been told by more than one doctor to not administer acetaminophen containing medication especially with vaccines, as it not only reduces the immune response (the whole point is to create antibodies and cause immunity) but it reduces gluthiathone. A rant I particuarly found useful as a parent in avoiding it was this one Dr Erika’s rant

Anyhow I hope to create conversation around all of this. I would like as a parent myself who has hopes of one day having another baby to see research bring all these links together and try to tie up the puzzle. We know there’s a genetic element but I also think autism is giving vaccines a very bad press which may be avoidable if we actually found out why certain kids are susceptible to reactions. It’s not enough to just say they aren’t linked anymore, parents still link them. Its easy to see why.